New Book & Homemade Salad… #covbookclub meets the #cuisineking
My little bro @christongray has put out the best album I’ve heard in a long time! Definitely the best this year! #SchoolOfRoses pick it up!
Just finished this great book written by a young boy with autism. It’s such a beautiful detailed explanation of the every day journey of having autism and communicating with people who don’t have it and don’t understand their struggles. As Andrew Solomon of the UK Times said: “It will stretch your vision of what it is to be human.” #Inspired #CovBookClub
My sista! 

‘Sista’s how y’all feel?’ – E. Badu
When I created this blog I needed it to be a space where I could be unencumbered and as result inspire others to explore themselves with no limits. However, I can’t do that if I’m not keeping it a hunnit.
So, here’s my getting free.
I am a walking contradiction in almost every facet of my life. I’m like Tupac (with his contrary self) in a sundress. I value committed relationships, but constantly yearn for freedom. I live to praise my God, but at times find church inauthentic. I deeply love Black folks, but prefer introspective whites over elitist Negro’s. I was raised to feel like the prettiest woman alive, but often feel inadequate in a society that has made a mockery of Black features. I appear to be a socialite, but usually I’m counting the minutes ’till home. I want to make everyone happy, but still keep an f the world B-girl stance. I can’t stand being objectified, but if I stuff this thickness into a mini dress I’m gon’ be blown if nann man looks admiringly. I dig natural hair, but at times struggle to find the beauty in my own “I woke up like dis” kinks. Honestly, I find it easier to protective style…I mean pretend to have somebody else’s hair every once in a while.
These are hard confessions, so bear with me.
What I’ve come to learn is that pretending to be the shit is so much easier than being vulnerable. I’d like to believe wholeheartedly that I’m super woman, but honestly, there are times when I am afraid.
My FB, Twitter, blog, and Instagram feed all say I’m flawless, right? Right.
Truth is…
I sometimes lay in bed fearful that I’ll squander my God given gifts and won’t actualize my dreams. I get nervous that the brotha I want to love my stretchmarks won’t find me genuinely beautiful in a sea of Cree Summer lookalikes.  I am genuinely concerned that my self-sufficient spirit will hold me back from being able to fully trust anyone enough to lay my burdens down.
However, none of these fears fit the strong Black woman profile so I push ‘em deep down and build up defenses that allow me to pretend that my insecurities aren’t real. ‘Cuz in a world where we’ve always had to be ‘fixers’ (Liv ain’t alone) whose gonna sing an insecure Black girls song?
Over the last few days I’ve found myself reflecting on Ntozake Shange’s unapologetic For Colored Girls statement, “My love is too complicated to have thrown back on my face.” 
Her words have been a tremendous source of light and courage because it reminds me that despite my host of imperfections, I am worthy.
I/we are worth the time it takes to peel back the layers and restore the hurt spaces.
I/we are worth only sharing energy with people who both verbally and tangibly make us better.
I/we are worth an earth shaking love that will enable walls to come tumbling down revealing the core.
I recently attended a live acoustic set where vocalist Ledisi sang a tune called, “Pieces of Me.” I found it fitting and encouraging for us Pac’s in sundress lookin’ for rainbows. Ha! Press play and let us all have faith in our creator that we’ll understand it better by and by. By and by. 
- Peace & Light, Stevie
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Me & my brotha @m_a_hunter bout to hit stage in Boston w/ @black_milk #NatTurner
Showtime in NYC…
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